Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mostly Mundane

4th Scorpion we've found inside

I was thinking about this weeks Velvet Ashes Welcome to the field 

Broken water pumps and scorpions are the main thing I've been writing about on fb this month.  Just after I wrote the previous post, our 4th scorpion turn up inside. Meanwhile over the last 2 weeks its been mostly no water in the taps for us.
They might seem kind of 
exotic and 
extreme but actually things are normally not that 

Weeks are filled with waiting, washing and wondering. 

Waiting for kids to finish dinner. 
Waiting for my husband to get home from his evening class.
Washing dirty dishes.
Washing muddy, snotty kids.
Wondering where my son's other shoe is.
Wondering if my husband has had lunch.

Mostly Mundane
And even when intense things do happened it doesn't feel intense 
as it might have back in the first year-ish.

Partly because its often a repeat of something I've already been through. The first scorpion inside was way scarier than the fourth. Once you've gone a few days without power the next time around isn' t such a big deal.

And partly because things are easier to cope with once you have routines, relationships and ways to rest.

Thats my experience anyway- it just gets more and more boring each year! ( in a good way)


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