Friday, June 30, 2017

Transition within routine!

Normally when I think of transition I think of a huge upheaval of everything at once. New house in a new country with a new job, having to find new ways to shop and get around and cook, wash, relax etc  etc.

But at the moment most things are the same, happily so, with just a few changes taking place.
We have been living in the same town in the same house for over two years now!
Day to day things are so much easier when you have things set up , habits in place. All the normal stuff just sort of happens by itself instead of taking so a great amount of effort and planning.  

We have friends and groups that we are part of on a regular basis. We know where to get food, and we have a stove and other things in our kitchen so we can cook.  Soeun a has regular-ish working week from sat arvo to wednesday  night.  I have weekly Bible study and sort of weekly playdates. We know where to go for fun, or when to find out obscure information. It’s so nice to not have moved house or had a baby for a couple of years now.

However at the same time, change is happening! I’m starting to be able to get back into things that were a big feature of my first years here that I haven’t been able to do in recent years. The further in time we get from when Soeun was sick , the better he is, and the older the kids get the less they need me, so I’m finding more opportunities to ride my bike and to sit in Khmer church again.

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