Friday, March 29, 2013


So we were already having power cuts for about 8 hours a day, and never knowing when it would be, was so hot and frustrating.....then we didn't find the power bill until it was a few days overdue...then our usual method of paying didn't work (phone broke)... so went to a few atms to get money out to buy a new one.. but spent half a day riding around in hot sun trying to find an atm that worked... later on found one, bought a new phone, paid the bill. But by then it was a week late and they cut us off, so we have had no power since  Tuesday. Thats 3 nights of no fan!!!! Not an ideal situation in hot season while pregnant!!!

we have two ice boxes, and ice is easy to buy, so we have kept some thing cool, but all the meat and bread i had in the freezer ready to eat over the next few weeks defrosted- gave some away, ate some, threw some out. not knowing when the power would come back on made it hard to know how mcuh time and effort to put into trying to save some of the food.
Local breakfast cafe, ready for business- mornings are a  nice time to be out in hot season!

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