Friday, March 15, 2013

it has started- first hot season back in khmer, coinciding with pregnancy

A few years ago I was talking to an American girl who was in her final trimester of pregnancy during the hottest part of the year here in Cambodia. The rest of us were feeling excessively hot, so you can imagine it must have been quite hard for her.

So I have been dreading late March- early April this year- its the hottest time of the year and here I am in the hottest part of pregnancy! (The Amercian's baby was actually born on (one of) the dates I'm due.)

Until recently our power went off every now and then. It seems to have changed pattern recently- now it more off than on during the day- and you never know when it going to be. It was on yesterday morning, so I wrongly guessed it may be on this morning too, rushed to put washing on as soon as I woke up- oops! no power.

I seem to  have a few more aches and pains now, getting a bit harder to sleep. It hard to know if achy back from motos/bumpy road or from pregnancy, probably both I guess. Thankful no accidents so far! Recently we heard a friend broke her pelvis bone in moto accident, I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure pelvis injuries don't mix well with pregnancy. I've never liked being in traffic here, and I still don't.

Can still ride my bike places not too far away, its the least painful way of getting around (in terms of sore backness), but getting harder in the heat and as my tummy gets bigger.

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