Wednesday, March 20, 2013

adjusting to new pattern of power cuts- its like a guessing game

At first they took us by surprise, but now its more like a guessing game. First few months of the year the power was off here and there throughout the day, recently it changed pattern, and now now that we know it much less stressful. We still never know when it will happen, but we can be pretty sure that the power will be out 5 - 10 or thereabouts in each 24 hours. Thankfully so far its been on at night - going to sleep without the fan on would be hard.

Sometimes before people move to a new area in PP they ask the neigbours what the power supply is like, as we are new to this one, we really have no idea. But it turns out this week, the other who live near us have also been taken by surprise, from the way ppl are talking it sounds like its unusual- which we didn't know before as hot season usually has more cuts than other months.

People who live on the same street as important government officials are known to have less power cuts.

Today the power was on in the morning, and off from noon til almost 6pm...maybe tomorrow it will be off in the morning instead.....?

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