Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Recording the "Firsts " before this time morphs into routine

Today is the first time I'm cooking pancakes since moving about 2 weeks ago!
I've mostly been eating bread, salad veggies, cheese, tinned tuna.  I haven't really started cooking meals yet as we aren't unpacked or settled. But I have made hummus, egg salad and a chocolate cake in the rice cooker. No oven yet, a few essentials to get in place before getting the fun things.

We've never had a full size oven, they cost so much and I'm the only one so far who would really appreciate it, so hasn't felt like a good idea to spend the money. But with the kids getting older it might be worth it.

On Thursday I had my first walk to the market from here, our son helped me buy some veggies and fruit.  The other day we had some friends over for lunch, our first white visitors (actually only one is barang).

Transport and daily routines still feel a bit all over the place.

If you look at my Instagram it turns out I've been mostly taking photos of the sky and mud, such a different and amazing view.

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