Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Reading Psalms at church

Psalm 135. NIV & MSG

Singing and Psalm reading are my favourite things at church these days.

Mostly Sundays are really hard. Between being non Khmer, a mother of young kids, a wife of a preacher/musician - there are so many factors that make church a completely different  experience to  how I used to think of it.

Singing and choral reading of Psalms seem to be the most enjoyable for me as a non native speaker. If the kids let me I can actually participate. Each week we read the next Psalm, so we can even be reading the Psalm though out the week as we know what is coming up.

Mostly I think of The Message as more poetic than translations ('worthless things' vs 'toys and trinkets'  Ps 119:37) but in Psalm 135: 6 the NIV seems much more poetic to me. 

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m said...

I hear you saying church is hard.
As Westminster confession says the chief end of man is to glorify God & enjoy Him forever, the reason for going to church & everything we do is to honour God. He is worth it.
I don't think I have ever felt church is difficult but have felt it was not worth going.
Thanks for prayer point