Saturday, April 15, 2017

KNY/Easter season

Jacaranda is in bloom, weather is warmer, town is decorated in festive lights, shops and schools closed, people travelling to their hometown to see family- feels like Christmas!

I've seen every sort of transport carrying stars around town over the last few weeks.

The biggest holiday of the year and Easter always happen close to each other but this year Khmer New Year is actually on the same weekend as Easter.

KNY celebrations are huge in Siem Reap so the the last few weeks we have watched decorations going up, including stars by the river, and archways of lights over the main road. They also finished building a new bridge and fixed up a few other things around town. Lots of shops and hotels also have festive lights as well as tables set out to welcome the new year angel.

Every time we over the bridge the toddler starts singing Twinkle twinkle little star.

Also the last few weeks we have been reading some Bible story books about Jesus' death and resurrection. In the lead up to Christmas we read a Bible society book about Jesus birth and that worked well, so we did the same for Easter.  

No chocolate eggs, but we did have some hot cross buns we brought from Australia. And possibly bagels as an empty tomb treat tomorrow (Sunday). Many people travel to see their family at this time of year, so church is usually pretty empty.

New Year decorations on the new bridge

Mangos everywhere!

Jacaranda from Australia growing in Cambodia- finally has flowers! 

This hot season has been strangely cold for a lot of the time. I got all organised with hot season food but it wasn't hot! But then of course when the hot weather struck I was caught out and we had mangos for dinner.

Hot season: time to go to the mall where there is air con!

Stars waiting by the river 

Sunday mornings at this stage

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