Thursday, April 06, 2017

Kids books about Jesus

Here are some of the book we are reading at the moment.

Bottom left are some bilingual books from the Cambodian Bible Society. We have a few in this series "Words of Wisdom". In the lead up to Christmas we read the one about Jesus birth almost every night for a few weeks, so here we are in the lead up to Khmer New Year....err umm I mean Easter and we are reading the ones about Jesus' death and resurrection.

On the right are two books from Growing Faith we were given about half a year ago. As well as teaching about the Bible the kids learn a bit about Aussie animals which is great too. We recently visited Australia and actually saw some flying foxes and some bilbys.

The one up the top is from The Good Book . Its the true story of why Jesus died and rose again. It made an excursion to a Cambodian Bible study group one evening recently!

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