Wednesday, June 29, 2016

still struggling with spontaneity in siem reap

Ever since we moved here about 18 months ago  we keep getting surprised when people change plans at the last minute.

Soeun finds out he is preaching tomorrow,
or finds out his course he has been prepping and planning for ages is suddenly having a holiday.

After living in Cambodia's capital city and working in a Bible school we're finding it quite different in a small town church context.

It feels like people are always changing plans at the last minutes and we just have to adjust to it.

 The young adults at church often work as babysitters for us, but sometimes don't turn up and then we find they were needed elsewhere.

The other day we noted it doesn't seem to stress out other people, maybe that's just how things work here. Which reminded me of the traffic - it looks really chaotic here but people just go with the flow, go around each other, adjust to whatever is going on around them.

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