Tuesday, June 07, 2016

catching up on news for my non-Facebook friends

you can check here too for photos

the expected 3 am baby diarrhea looks less scary now that ive been able to locate a packet of baby wipes. such a great invention

we've been sick with various things since march.... i'm so tired i seem to be dropping glass jars on the floor everyday, not good when there is a crawler

mummy i love you, and i love this too (toddler clutching plastic hammer)

sometimes its too hot to play outside. sometimes the strong rain prevents us. and sometimes there is too much ash falling

if you are going to go food shopping, with baby& toddler at a terrible time of day but with no money, make sure you go to a supermarket that gives you a pen to write an IOU

mummy! the trees are green like the garbage truck

how funny would it be if you were in a drought and you were trying to stop your house from flooding?

The crawling baby
Water on the tiles
Bleeding and swollen

its all fun and games until someone does a poo in the bath 

Since it rained on Tuesday the water out of the tap is COLD!!! So refreshing!

had a long few days with sick toddler while daddy was away. toddler s fever went down, but then the baby s went up. meanwhile the power is going on and off. thankfully we still have water

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