Sunday, November 09, 2014

Young peoples group take a trip

When friends came for dinner on Wednesday Soeun was not home but there were about 5 extra motorbikes at our house.

He had left that morning at 5am with a bunch of young people from church.  They had all stayed over the night before so they could leave on the bus, needing an early start as they were headed for a far away province.

My friends asked me what they would be doing on the trip.
 "Nothing." I said.
I was jokingly corrected, "Oh thats called a 'retreat'. If you call it a retreat it sounds more spiritual."

Well, they finally got back on Saturday night, one day late as they were having so much fun. I've been looking through the photos on our camera to see what this nothing/retreat was about.

It was a very photographed trip, as everyone had a camera on their phone. While they were away I saw some selfies pop up on facebook, and then on our camera there are photos of the selfies being taken....

Some of the activities  included....

....fellowship with the youth at the local church

....killing chickens at 9pm at night in order to pack lunch for the next day, I think they had to leave at 5am for a day trip

....visiting ancient temples (spot the random French person!)

....swimming under a waterfall

 ....taking photos
Unable receive the GPS information
....and taking photos of people taking photos

It was amusing to me to hear that there were 22 phones being charged plus 2 other devices. Amused partly because the house isn't connected to mains power, and partly because there were less than 22 people. NB, there was only one toilet- 22 phones and 1 toilet, doesn't add up for me.

Recently solar panels have started getting cheap enough to buy. I don't know what all the city youth would have done without it.  I'm not sure how many power boards and extension cords were used! A tangled web on a wooden floor.

They arrived home tired and happy on Saturday afternoon. Soeun then had to get ready to preach the next morning,

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