Wednesday, November 05, 2014

How to host the perfect Water Festival dinner party

(or a description of what happened tonight)

0. Wait until your husband is away.

1. Have a Khmer friend over in the afternoon to put the rice on, she and her kids all wearing red tops.

2. Have one family bring over the curry, Water Festival snack for dessert, drink etc, whole family wearing pink/orangey/yellow type colour tops

3. Have another family bring watermelon cut to look like Christmas trees or fish. This family all wearing green tops.

4. Arrange the tables in front of the TV (to watch the coverage of the Water Festival, boats races, floating lights, marks when the river runs backwards- strange but true)

6. Have the token Cambodian prepare ombok (rice flakes eaten at Water Festival) with banana and coconut in a way that you haven't eaten before even though you have been in Cambodia for about 5 proper Water Festivals.

7. Get one of the guests to sweep and mop the floor after dinner.

8. Store left over watermelon and freshly got coconut juice in the fridge ready for playgroup tomorrow

9. Have a guest take cute photo of all the one year olds sitting on the stairs.

From the newspaper, Festival kindles painful memories (of 2010 stampede)

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