Monday, April 15, 2013

Setting up house, settling in... yes, still doing that even tho been here a few months

Buying a water filter

Less mossies, more airflow, thanks to Soeun's invention
 So, although we've been here for a few months we're still doing things like getting curtains for some of the rooms. With the hot sun streaming through the windows, the rooms are pretty much un- useable. Its taken awhile to to as both of us find it hard going out in the traffic (no one like PP traffic, but finding it particularly hard with dizziness and pregnancy). The heat, bumpy roads and chaos mean we only go out when we have to.
Fly screen making, part 2
Soeun has a drill, and hooks and rods for curtains, as well as fabric. He's measured and marked the wall. He invited a friend over a couple of times to help with the drilling, but the power seems to be always off when his friend comes to help. Hopefully the friend will be free at the same time as the power is on, as we'll be needing to use more room soon!

He and a few students recently spent a few days giving our fly screens an upgrade. Earlier he had stuck some screen up on a few windows, but some of them had fallen down. Soeun came up with another way to keep the screen up, so he and others went to buy the materials and then spent a few days re-doing some windows, as well as doing some for the first time.

Some students had some extra free time with the holidays- as it took longer than expected so we ended up having people stay the night and have extra meals here.

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