Monday, April 15, 2013

power cut update

Charging our lights- these ones can be charged either by the sun or mains power, our best friends in March, along with our ice sellers
Well, the last few days the power cuts have been back to "normal", ie how they were in Jan/Feb. Yesterday the power was off 3 times, but for less than an hour each time. Much easier to cope with than in March when it was mostly off during the day- and for us there was a week where it was totally off day and night for 4 days in a row!!

The hardest thing was being hot and having to throw out all the food in the freezer that we didn't have time to eat/cook/give away.

 I had been stocking up as with the heat, pregnancy and traffic the way it is I didn't want to have to go out too much in April. But my planning ahead was in vain! Although the ice boxes/ esky helped keep some stuff cool, they didn't really work for keeping raw meat and bread frozen. i don't think I'll be using my toaster again until after the baby is born, but we've got some meat in there now.

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