Thursday, June 21, 2012

blurry vision, airport visit, enjoying our place

 Last week was a good week for Soeun. Relatively speaking he was healthy, he had an intensive class, so it was really exhausting but he made it through the week. I sent an email to our prayer partners to let them know. We were really thankful for this as last time he had a class it took almost 2 months before he was well enough to do anything.

But this week he has struggled to see clearly, blurry vision is one of the problems caused by his inner ear migraine. Not being able to focus his eyes well enough to read is really hindering his study, as you can imagine. He is more healthy than last year, but its still an ongoing issue. We're both really sick of living with sickness!

One thing that has made this week bearable is that we enjoy where we are living this year. We have our own space to relax in. The recent public holiday was a really nice day, I spent the whole day inside watching the rain and reading.
Yesterday I went to the airport to say goodbye to a team going to Indonesia!

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