Tuesday, June 05, 2012

amanuensis, i don't know how to say or spell it

Soeun is trying to do the reading for his next subject, he has to keep looking words up in the dictionary. Sometimes the words aren't even there...like allonymity.

He's feeling relatively healthy this week which is nice, although feeling very behind on study (he was sick for almost 2 months) and it doesn't help that we have sick family overseas at the moment.

The weekend was so dark and gloomy, I'd forgotten what that kind of weather is like, i felt like staying in bed and drinking something warm, todays weather has been crazy too as the SMH can tell and show you.

So glad to have somewhere to be inside! Also glad to have warm food and drink.

And enjoying the fact that I can join a local library and borrow books and dvds for free, including books that have only just come out, like this jeffery archer book.

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