Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Straddling two worlds

A story on the news explained that some people in Aust. had their water pressure reduced. A lady was interviewed and she said it had been hard to have a shower and use the washing machine.

I felt like laughing. When the lady turned her shower on to show the so called low pressure it didn't look that bad to me. In Cambodia our water pressure was so low sometimes no water came out at all. We must have been used to it cos we only really noticed it when Aussie visitors discovered it for themselves and asked us why the water stopped while they were showering. 

And when we visited friends and family outside of Phnom Penh there wasn't any water pressure to worry about when showering as there was no shower and certainly no washing machine.

But it is a problem here in Australia, the news went on to explain how it effected businesses and fire safety. 

I guess this is one of the many things I struggle to get my head around as a person trying to straddle a rich and a poor country.

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