Tuesday, November 08, 2011

limping, brick dump, laughing

Sunday morning we were feeling so sick of Soeun being sick, feel like we are limping through this year. Felt disappointed he wasn't coming to church again (due to his sickness), esp as the last 2 weekends I was out all weekend without him, each time he couldn't come out it was disappointing, and then we get to the end of the weekend and feel like I've been out the whole time and he's been home sick by himself. Almost didn't go to church as I'm so sick of going out while he is at home feeling unwell.

Then in the afternoon we found out some stuff which felt like a huge load of bricks had been dumped on us, felt stressed, maybe started to feel a bit anxious again. Neither of us slept well on Sunday night.

But very thankful we both had lots of fun yesterday. Soeun played soccer in the rain. It was great he was able to play and it didn't make his dizziness worse (almost 2 weeks not eating college food, a suspected trigger). In Cambodia he played soccer or volley ball about 5 days a week.

I had a great day at work, really enjoy my colleague's company (lots of laughing) and the stuff in staff training is so interesting. It was a really refreshing break from thinking about anxious stuff and sick stuff.

And today I had an exhilarating walk home in the rain too!

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