Saturday, June 07, 2008

Waterfall picnic

One Saturday we went to have lunch on a hill. It was about a 2 hour drive from Phnom Penh. Soeun’s small group had prepared a picnic lunch of beef rice and veggies. The rice was in our rice cooker, just cooked that morning. The beef was cut up and marinating in our big saucepan. We also took an esky (ice box) full of drinks and ice, as well as our huge water container.

We got out of the school’s bus at the entrance. After paying the gate fee we packed the picnic on an ox- cart and began the 3.5 km walk to the waterfall. It was nice to be walking through bush, not something you can do in the city!

However after about 1km we found we had to unpack the picnic from the ox-cart. The rest of the walk is too steep and rocky. So the rest of the way we carried everything. Between the heat, the slope, the rocks and the heavy stuff it wasn’t pleasant walk anymore. We had to keep stopping for breaks, we were all so exhausted.

The last straw for me was when my shoe broke. By that time we were already at the top. But I was so exhausted I couldn’t imagine how I was going to walk back down again.


ang said...

and and!!! what happened to you and your shoe?? did KS give you a piggy back all the way down??
i need more stories!

oh and by the way, i'm well again, yay for food!

how are you?

Anonymous said...

The verse "because the joy that was waiting for him Jesus endured the cross" Heb 12 comes to mind.

Next time everyone carry their own lunch.

Cauld you drink the water fall water?


Kimsoeun and Katherine said...

well, soeun swapped shoes with me. so on the way down i wore his joggers, and he wore mine. he ripped the bottom of the other one so he could walk evenly. it was just cloth on the bottom of the shoe.

when we planned and packed lunch we thought the ox cart would take it all the way up,it worked out ok for me, i just had to carry some bags of veggies, the boys carried all the heavy things like the rice cooker, the stove, the water etc

Rach T said...

I want to hear the rest of the story too! Did the food get to the top ok?

Kimsoeun and Katherine said...

yes, the food made it to the top, although the stove got left a long the way and they used rocks to hold the grill above the charcoal instead.

i didn't know when i was next going to see a toilet, so i didn't drink s much water as i should have.