Thursday, March 27, 2008


Coming from Australia the land of the drought to Cambodia I was surprised. To keep cool I was told to have lots of cold showers each day, rather than turn on the air con. Why? Air cons use lots of power and power is expensive in Cambodia.

“…an estimated 40% of Cambodians still relying on car batteries as their sole source of power. Those same people are also paying more than most consumers in the world with no respite from rising cost.”

“…Electricity in Cambodia is among the priciest in the region, if not the world.”

South Eastern Globe, Feb 08, Craig Guthrie

We live in the city so we have power. And on top of that we live on the school campus and the school has a generator. So when the power goes off, it comes back on within a few minutes. This last week though the town power has been on and off heaps, and I think the school generator/s must be getting too tired and hot. The power has been off a lot. The meat in our freezer defrosted, so we’ve been eating lots of beef and fish this week!