Monday, March 17, 2008

Evacuation Plan: Dangerous place to live

This time of year is when my visa and our health insurance is due. The main reason I want health insurance is so I could be evacuated if necessary. If we’re in a bad traffic accident or get a serious case of dengue fever the international doctors here would recommend being medivaced to Thailand.

Apparently it can cost around $20,000USD. I asked around other foreigners what insurance they have, to see if there was a company people recommended. But all the ex-pats I talked to are with organizations so they hadn’t applied themselves.

I found an insurance company that sold international health insurance and bought some last year. However this year we decided to buy membership of an international medical clinic instead, our membership includes an evacuation plan. There are pros and cons of both; it’s hard to know which is the best until you’re in a real situation.

The price of membership has gone up about $200 dollars compared to this time last year. They told me this is due to the fact that Cambodia in now a more dangerous place to live. Traffic accidents have increased, last rainy season there was more Dengue Fever than usual and Bird Flu is an issue. The first 2 I was already well aware of but the only time I think about bird flu is when I break an egg and remember to wash my hands well, and when I see one of the many many chicken flu ads on TV.


ang said...

have you learnt the words to the bird flu song yet..son le pong...

Kimsoeun and Katherine said...

not yet! i haven't seen that much recently, maybe i'll get the girls next door to write out the words, i've been trying to tape it. There are a few new ones now, some of them are funny and clever, so many bird flu adds..hmmm