Friday, January 11, 2019

Better yet? {fmf}

Five Minute Friday link up time! 

This week the word is BETTER.

"Are you better?"

Soon after we got married I felt like my husband was lying to me. He was sick with a cold. At one point I asked him if he was better. He said yes. So the next day when he was still obviously sick I felt betrayed.

 "Hey, I thought you said you were better?"

It turned out he thought I was asking if he was better as in, not as bad as before. In his native language, Khmer there is a word "more good"/ "gooder". But I actually wanted to ask if he was completely healed already. We speak English and most of the time I forget he only learnt it as an adult.

We kept laughing about that misunderstanding and referring to it over the next few years. Little did we know it would feature in our conversations even more as in our 5th year of marriage he developed a chronic illness. The first 2 years he was debilitated and mostly not diagnosed. But these days we know how to live with it, a new normal and just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

He is never going to be completely sick-free until the Final Healing, but some days are not as bad than others. Better but not better.


bluecottonmemory said...

Happy Anniversary, Katherine! I'm so sorry you guys are dealing with chronic illness - but what a testimony of faithful love that sorted out a miscommunication and turned it into laughter - it sounds like it is a trait that has brought you guys closer together as you face these challenges! Praying for solutions and healing for your husband!

Amy Boucher Pye said...

More good and gooder - love that!

Katherine said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Blue Cotton Mom

Misty Wagner said...

Wow... first of all, happy anniversary! Second, language is such a funny thing, your story is cute! I'm sorry to hear about your husband, but your attitude about it is so great!

Andrew said...

I hear you...I'm Mongolian, and English is definitely not my first language, so miscommunication in both words and outlook is quite common here.

I have terminal cancer, and for me, "I'm OK" means something quite different than it oes to my American wife.

#2 at FMF this week.

Katherine said...

Language is so fun!

Katherine said...


Katherine said...

Ive read some of your blog on previous weeks, I didn't know you are Mongolian!