Thursday, June 21, 2018

Goodbye season, Hello season

Contrasts at this time of year: dark stormy clouds and brilliant sunshiny green leaves

Goodbye expat friends, particularity one who was part of both Bible study group and the initial playgroup I was part of when we first moved to Siem Reap. Boo.

Hello families with kids on our side of town! Recently been getting to know 2 families from preschool who have kids our kids love playing with. A European family and another Khmer/Barang family. Yay.

Goodbye preschool. We first started there as it has one of the only outdoor play areas and our toddler boy needed to climb and run. We kept going because  its  a safe fun place for our kids, and it gives me time to get stuff done. Such a great mix of Khmer and expat families. Boo.

Hello new home based lifestyle. Since we moved its been getting harder to go into town each day, it will be good to cut out the travel and rush. Now we have space at home for the kids to play so we don't need preschool like we did a year ago. Yay.

Goodbye to turning up to expat women's Bible study group easily. Its held near preschool at the same time as the kids are at preschool.
Hello more space and time to have playdates with people from the expat house church who I'd like to get to know more.

Goodbye shopping mostly at supermarkets with tired kids and a tuk tuk. Since we moved out of town its been hard to get to the market.
Hello going back to walking to the local market, buying meat and veggies easily and getting to know our community.

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