Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 2018

Most of November and December the kids were sick, as you can see from the previous post. I do actually have a draft of our Christmas which I'll finish and post later on, but first January:

This month seemed to be full of excitement, but not the good type.

There was that time, after a long day when I finally got the ten eggs home safely and then dropped them at our front gate and broke all of them at once. And not a small crack either, they all had holes big enough for the yolks to come out.

Or the evening when I finally had the house to myself, for the first time ever since  we moved. Between kids, relatives and workmen I don't think I've ever been home by myself, cafes are the only place I have solitude. So excited to be home alone that I locked myself out... had to meet the neighbours.

And from facebook :

My cooking tip for this week: 
Don't put something on the stove then forget about it and have a nap unless your mother in law is staying and wonders what the burning smell is. In my defense I was quite tired and had a headache.

My laundry tip for this week: 
If you are going to need to go all the way back home with a sick boy , to make it worth it you should make sure he vomits on your front AND back AND in your hair and on your jeans.

Weird atmosphere today in our neighbourhood. Strangely overcast day, plus people are burning rubbish more than normal. So its kind of dark and the air is all white and smells smokey. Also windy and cold.

Although there were also some nice things:

"Even more strong and amazing than Daddy" our preschooler trying to describe God. 

A nice surprise yesterday! Originally I was going to be in Phnom Penh this week to renew a passport. I was hoping I would be able to catch up with a friend I met over 10 years ago in language class. She is leaving Cambodia soon so it would by my last chance to see her. However I ended up having to delay my trip so I assumed I wouldn't see her this week. BUT then she randomly appeared on the street in Siem Reap yesterday morning. A nice happy surprise in the midst of a weird month.

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