Friday, April 03, 2015

Welcome to the hot season finally

Throughout the long cold cool season we were lucky to have hot showers. This heater pictured above was attached to our shower. It recently made a loud noise, burst into flames and gave off lots of black smoke! Scary. Now the toddler says "fire" whenever he goes into the bathroom.

Anyway, annoyingly that meant we spent 3 mornings in a row waiting for the workman to come, and then waiting for him to work. The water was off for awhile. When you have a messy toddler and you're pregnant its pretty annoying not to have access to the bathroom for so long!

So now we have a new water heater (not that we need to use it at this time of year, the weather is hot and the tap water is often hot too) and the shower has much better water pressure and  we have an outside tap! We can use the hose Soeun bought when we first moved in. Water the herbs, clean the dirt off everything, wash down the toddler after watermelon or messy play and its a great new toy for hot season!

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