Wednesday, January 07, 2015

half moved

Over the last week we have been back and forth between the house we have started renting and the one we are subletting.

Getting lots of work done on our new house before cleaning, and then will unpack. Got some power points and lights, bought a stove and washing machine (fridge was already there) . Got the screen door fixed today, getting a covering made for the front door. Trying to get rid of house dust. Hoping to get something on the bathroom door so we can close it from the outside.

We can hear the people upstairs walking around, and I think the toddler understands what it is, he says "walk" and "jump" when he hears it.

Mostly been eating lunch outside, and other meals at our old placeor out. First time today to eat a meal inside, now that we can see the table.

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