Thursday, October 09, 2014

I used to laugh...

Yesterday I got a lift home from playgroup in a friends car. She is also white, and also has a toddler. We both sat in the front with our toddlers on our laps. ( It was a really short distance.) I'm used to seeing Khmer families with lots of kids in the front, including on the drivers lap, I found it amusing that there were 2 of us , both white, doing it.

When I first came to Cambodia I was told that people don't go out to things if its raining. I thought that was kind of funny. I still turned up to teach my English class when it rained, but found no students there!

And the other week it rained in the morning. It was a Sunday, the time we were normally getting ready to go to church. We decided not to go as it was raining. When you are on a moto or even a tuk tuk a lightening storm with strong wind is scary! Also the roads around church flood, and its just so much work to drive through them, esp as you can't see the potholes under the water. I've come off my bike 2 times while riding over flooded pothole streets so I'm afraid of them now.

Some people in this part of the world stick a white menthol patch to their head when they have a headache. Looks really weird and funny to me. Last week I had a headache and neck ache. I got Soeun to stick some band aid looking things on my neck, it make it feel nice! Was able to get to sleep.

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