Saturday, May 31, 2014

unexpected eventful day

I thought I was going to be home with just the baby today. Saturdays and Thursdays are days of the week I can be home all day and no else comes over. On Saturdays Soeun is often out all day until after dark. But today.....

...his headache got heaps stronger, he's had it since Thursday. And last night he had some funny episode where he suddenly felt really weird, a bit like after he got bitten by a scorpion. So this morning when his pain was increasing, it scared us and reminded us of the 2 years we were in Aust recently. We actually talked about going to see the doctor, and Soeun is really sick of going to hospitals, so must be pretty serious  He had been taking parra, but then this morning I went and got something stronger and that seemed to help for today. Still pain, but not so intense.

So because of that we asked 2 younger sisters/aunties to come over to help out. They had breakfast at our place, they arrived while I was out going from chemist to chemist looking for painkillers.

And then 3 tradesman turned up. They came last Saturday, and then for 10 hours last Sunday and a few hours on Monday. I had thought it was all done so we were surprised to see them. I thought they were just checking their work. But they ended up staying all day, needed to do more stuff on the roof and also sanding and painting inside. So it was noisy and dusty! (still need to come back again)

Quite a contrast to how I thought the day would go.

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