Thursday, March 13, 2014

Returning to Cambodia in HOT season

... so far hasn't been too bad. Last hot season was really hard but so far (just a few days) its a it easier.  One good thing is we have power all day and night! another is I'm not pregnant so don't feel so hot! and we got a pool. It says to set it up in a sunny place, but as you can see we put it in the only bit of outside shade we have.

As always there are lots of changes we see when we get back. SO far I've noticed there is a new school next to the baby shop on the corner, the moto park near the market moved location and got a roof! shade!! and the place i eat near the market doesn't do dishes for lunch and dinner anymore. They still do pork and rice for breakfast but when I went to get dinner last night they only had fried rice or noodles. 
Its interesting that many people say Baby's skin is blacker now than when we left a  month ago. I think they are surprised as they would think of Aussies as having white skin, so why would a half AUssie baby get blacker when they went to Aus? I told them we don't have tuk tuks or motos so we tend to walk places. (Khmer friends often will go by moto even if its just a short distance). Also, as its cooler and there are footpaths and parks its nice to walk around just for fun, that part is harder to explain though. 

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