Saturday, January 04, 2014

Christmas, protests, cold weather, power cuts, plumbing problems etc etc

We've just had a time of busy-ness and sickness, hopefully things will be a bit calmer in the next little while. Christmas is always a busy time for Khmer Christians, our church had Christmas on 22nd, then the youth had Christmas on 28th, then a big overnight thing on NYE. All these events take up a lot of Soeun's energy and time. To make it worse I asked him to take Dec 25th as a holiday and we were going to have Christmas lunch with some Aussies.... but then I got sick on Christmas eve and he spent the rest of the week bringing me fluids and looking after the baby!

When the main roads are blocked due to protests this is another direct road into town.

Countdown NYE food at church! Are the chicken using their feet to countdown?!
So after the NYE thing he came home exhausted and a bit unwell.

Yesterday I took a friend and her kids to an indoor play area in town. We were going to stay there all day to make the most of the one hour tuk tuk ride. But the daily protests  turned violent and people advised us to go home, as they were worried the streets would become more chaotic. A few people were killed, that was what everyone was talking about.

We had a power cut for about 10 hours, so I didn't have much internet access, and I discovered Baby does not like the dark. I was very glad when the lights came back on around 7.30pm!

Baby is enjoying sitting and eating with a spoon. Doesn't seem to matter what s on the spoon , he just likes eating from it.

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