Thursday, October 03, 2013

Getting ready to travel words, and travelling photos

Last week was a bit crazy. Our internet was off for about a week, the power upstairs wasn't working, Baby had a few nights of bad sleep... so we were both tired and Soeun was busy making calls and letting trades men in and out. To fix the power they had to smash up some cement to get to the line... they only just built the house, lol! have to smash up cement already.

We put his mat under a mossie net on the verandah at grandma's

So we were starting to think we might have to call our trip off. We have hired a car for a month, and borrrowed a baby car seat. This time of year everyone is visiting their home province. It worked out well for us as I wanted to visit Soeun's family around now, Baby is pretty easy to look after these days. When he was younger he screamed and didn't sleep so we were really tired, and in the future he'll learn to crawl etc.

Bath time lit by a car battery

I was nervous about the trip cos it was my first time going to visit my mother in laws new house. She lives in a more remote place now, with no power, and not near a big market, shops, internet cafe etc.  I've been to the village before, back in 2009, its so different to what i'm used to. Also there's malaria and traffic accidents to think about, which feel more risky being away from the medical care in the city.

So we were busy and tired, and no internet and it was noisy cos they were smashing up the cement...and then I was packing for somewhere I'd never been before... it was a bit stressful!!!

But it worked out ok, the previous posts have some photos as well.

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