Monday, September 16, 2013

What happened yesterday/ last night

So last night after i posted the previous bit someone I follow on twitter sent a photo and said somebody had been shot and killed. Thomas Cristofolleti was there at the clash on the bridge. As well as that first photo he has these amazing ones here. I wasn't sure if it was true, there have been also sorts of rumours going around on fb etc all year, but it turns out it was true, so sad. (altho different stories on what happened to time.) Hopefully this isn't a taste of whats to come? When I was watching this video on youtube the clips coming up in the side bar were all to do with Eygpt.
This video is a good summary of what happened yesterday, also the blog by fellow expat explains it well too.
I havne't been on twitter as much as yesterday but here are some photos from day 2 of the freedom park protest. Looks festive!
Today also leaders talked for a few hours and came out with 3 points.

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