Wednesday, September 05, 2012

exciting FOCUS time

The last 6 weeks Soeun has been away, although it was an unplanned trip actually turned out to be good timing for me. At work its been so busy and exciting!

It started with the beginning of semester two when we met some of the new international students who have just started study, then there was the flurry of getting small groups up and running as well as our weekly all-in meeting. Almost as soon as semester started we had a weekend away, 40 plus people spent a cold but happy weekend hearing talks from the book of Jonah. My favourite thing about it was hearing the Christian students chat about their faith with each other and with the non Christian students who came.

After the weekend away our weekly all in meeting seemed to have an extra buzz, and more people. During the actual meeting there were more people, and dinner afterwards, which had been around 5 ish some weeks suddenly became around 15!

Next we had a special invite- your-friend meeting which turned out to be HUGE! We had a party sort of atmosphere, a talk with lots of props and free food while we chatted to visitors about Jesus.

phew! almost too much excitement, but the semester continues

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