Saturday, August 18, 2012

a wedding

 It was interesting to watch the girls in the bridal party become teary while most of the rest of us just sat there blankly. The speech was in Korean so most of us couldn't understand it until someone read out an English version.

I think all of the weddings we've been invited to this year are between a  white Aussie  and an Asian, mostly some variety of Chinese. So this Aussie/Korean was a bit different! It was also interesting as it was the first wedding to be held in the new church building, so there were some engaged people there taking notes.

Also fun for me, as I got to see lots of old friends. The groom is someone who was in first year uni and at the same church as me so lot of people I used to see back in those days were there, as well as current church friends.

If only Soeun had been here, he would have loved eating the kimchi!

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