Tuesday, May 08, 2012

i really like having food (enough of it, choices etc)

It wasn't meant to be a series but I think its turning into one. " I really like..." so much to be thankful for!

Yesterday I had a flashback/reminder of something I find hard about living in Cambodia. I was reminded that I'm so rich compared to most people, and I feel uncomfortable about that. I don't feel uncomfortable about it normally, in my day to day Aussie life, but yesterday I was around someone who is "living below the line so others can rise above it".

Becky's week of food- less than $2 a day
One of my friends is doing "Live below the line" This week she is eating only what she can get for $2 a day, and asking us to give money for education in PNG. Heaps more on the website, if you want to donate to her click here.

And here is a link to her speaking this morning about how its going, you may need to be her friend on facebook to see this.

"We'll do it because while we struggle to Live Below the Line for one week, there are 1.4 billion people doing it every day. That's over 60 times the population of Australia - forced every day to live in the most desperate and degrading poverty."

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