Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remote learning

 I've been learning lots of interesting things about Cambodia since I left just over a year ago. Every now and then something comes up that reminds Soeun of his childhood and we end up talking about all these things which seem like they are from another world.
 Life in a Cambodian village in the 1980's was quite different to my life in Phnom Penh more recently. I guess being away from it gives me the brain space to learn more.
Cow cart ride
 Earlier this year we ate food from Noodle Box, a take away food shop. On the chop stick  wrapper it said "Man with one chopstick go hungry". His grandpa, who was Chinese, used to say that to him when he was teaching him how to do things (like look after water buffalos).
 The photos above are some picturesque Khmer village photos we took when we travelled to visit people. As Soeun talks about his childhood that's what I'm imagining. The photos below are more like the reality of life in Phnom Penh these days.
 It can be hard to get around - floods, traffic, heat, dust, construction sites etc etc...
This particular traffic/ construction site was amusing. The big new houses had been built too close to the telegraph poles, so then the poles had to be moved.

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