Sunday, February 05, 2012

this time last year

 With all the start of year things happening its hard not to keep thinking about this time last year. Last January I was planning to go to Brisbane but the floods put a stop to that. It was fun to be on holidays there this January and see that Brisbane river was NOT flooding (although it was a rainy week in the so called Sunshine State).
First staff meeting of the year, last year I was new and had no idea what was going on, and Soeun hadn't come from Cambodia yet. This year I get to enjoy meeting the new staff, catching up with the old, not feeling too confused, and enjoy having my husband in the same country. MUCH easier !!!! relief!

On the way to first staff event last year I crossed the road in auto pilot, it wasn't til I was in the middle of the road I realised I was crossing the Cambodia way but I wasn't in Cambodia as I wrote about here.

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