Monday, January 26, 2009


On Saturday three churches got together about an hour or so outside Phnom Penh to baptise about 24 people in a river (the Mekong I think). The church we just started going to went, but I wasn't feeling well. Soeun went though and here are some of his photos.
Above is a pile of noodle type things that go in a dish of food I really like. Its kind of like a salad, they often have it at weddings.
And here are some fish being grilled. Below is a photo of some boys using a banana tree as a boat! It had nothing to do with the church day out, Soeun just thought it was interesting.
Here is the table set for lunch.

And here are some of the people getting baptised!


Rachael said...

That's so awesome to be baptized in the river!

Katherine said...

I know, Soeun was baptised in the Mekong too

Dave&Nats said...

Hi Katherine, Thank you so much for all the interesting info you paste on your blog. It sure is giving my wife and I some idea what to expect when God eventually releases us to get there. I have read most of your articles on both Blogs and cannot wait to log in everyday to see whats new. Thanks again and God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.