Sunday, December 28, 2008

Around Banlung, R'kiri

We stayed 3 nights in Banlung which is the provincial capital of the north eastern Rattanakiri. 

Our guest house had a view of  a lake. It was nice, esp at sunrise. The photo below we took out our window. The building in front was where we ate. It was so nice to eat outside and not feel too hot.

It was great to be away from Phnom Penh traffic- its so crazy and busy. Without the traffic and the heat its much easier to go for a walk.
Although it is a little dusty. I saw a truck spraying water, I guess to keep the dust down. People were out the front of their shops spraying water too.

On Dec 25 I saw these kids pumping water from a well to hand wash some clothes. So different to what most Aussie kids do on Christmas day.

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