Wednesday, April 23, 2008


There are mangos everywhere at the moment. Some are sweet, some sour, some sour-sweet. Some are eaten soft and juicy, some hard and crunchy. Some have dark yellow flesh, some have almost white flesh. Sometimes we eat the mango by itself, sometimes dipped in salt and chilli, sometimes with fried fish, or in fish soup as you can see in the photo. Some mangos are mango shaped, some are apple shaped. They cost around 500-2000 reil per mango. (2000 reil is about 50c)

(PS, I wrote this a few weeks ago, so there are less mangos around now but I’m still feeling very mangoafied. The trees around our house are still growing them.)

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Christine Mao said...

I was feeling like a mango last night - ie. craving one. I wish I were in Cambodia now!!