Friday, January 04, 2008

Very Cold this week!

According to yesterdays Cambodian Daily "The cold spell that is currently sweeping the country is expected to last until the weekend at least, officials said Wednesday."

"With low temperatures countrywide averaging around 18 degrees c, warnings have also been sounded that a few degrees lower could be dangerous."

At least it hasn't reached the emergency low of 12 deg which can be fatal for older people. The government said it will alert people if it gets that cold.

"...provincial authorities have warned locals to wear thick clothing and light fires to keep warm..."


ang said...

hahahahaha! thats so not that cold :) it actually sounds quite nice after 40 degrees on the farm. 9 days to go before i arrive!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! That's classic! I was in -5 in Switzerland last week! It was gorgeous. Photographic evidence that I can now ski is on facebook, but I know you don't get onto it - so I am very happy to have found this!!!!

S-J-S said...

while we were in England (June-July 2004) there was a weather report warning that there would be "no respite from the heat" and that after a daytime high of 28C temperatures would only get down to 15C overnight! People were warned to take the doonas and blankets of the bed - i think i left mine on :-)