Saturday, May 26, 2007

My bike!

Last year I mainly went places on motor bike taxis (motodups). This year I'm mostly using my bike, its much cheaper and it doesn't give me a sore back like the motos do. KS took this photo of my the other morning at 7am as I set out for class. Even though its early in the day I like to wear the long sleeve shirt and mask for sun (and dust and petrol fume) protection. I ride straight into the sun for most of the trip so the sunnies are pretty important too.
Behind me you can see our house. Our front door is the one on the right of me in the photo.
Its nice having grass out the front, and trees. Last year I really missed seeing greeness and having space outside. Living on campus is great!


SMBC Dad - Gav said...

I thought you were sick, until I realised that you are in black and white. What the...?

Maxime said...

People should read this.