Praying for Cambodia

I haven't actually been able to watch it, I guess the net connection isn't fast enough. But I guess it will have mentioned various issues such as poverty, trafficking and other injustices. If you want to know specific up today information on these have a look at the local English daily newspaper online. Phnom Penh Post

Download a booklet.

If you know the book Operation World, you'll know there is a page per day with info for a different country in the world so you can pray for it. Here is a book that's similar only instead of a country per day, its a people group of Cambodia per day.

Peoples of Cambodia- click to download (let me know if it doesn't work)

An introduction to the social and ethnic diversity in Cambodia
The purpose of this book is to introduce the unreached peoples of Cambodia, so that prayer, ministry and friendships with these peoples might increase in our generation.Including basic information, history and belief for 19 ethnic groups and 8 social segments.