Aussies overseas/living cross culturally blog collection

This page is a work in progress. So far its a list of blogs by Christian Aussies who live overseas, some I know, some I don't know but I most likely heard about their blog via a friend of theirs or shared community. 

Around the web there are sites such as "a life overseas" where missionaries etc can share a link to their blog, I love reading them so I thought I'd try to put together an Aussie list. (so this is a list I have put together rather the the authors, they are all public websites so I figure its ok but I'm going to try to contact the bloggers to check).

I'd be interested to know if anyone knows of a list/site like this that already exists, or a better/different way of doing it.

A lot of blog writing is personal stories that might be just aimed to update people back in Aus, however there are also some descriptions of life that that many can relate to.

Sometimes others think through and write things in a way that might be helpful for me to understand my own life and to share it with others back in Aus.

For example this blog post here is one family's experience of being back in Aus, but it might be something I ask our supporters to read so they can get an idea of what it might be like for us. And then there is this post here which appeared in my Facebook news feed many times earlier this year, its the sort of thing many people can relate to.

The List
-at this stage not arranged, just adding as I go

Meet Jesus at Uni Tanzania

Uprooted SE Asia

Looking through the Blue

SpangeBlog  Cambodia

From south of the border   Mexico Latin America

Teaching in Cambodia

On the edge of ordinary  Japan

Luke and Prilz  Bolivia

awaitingsonrise Japan

Under the Big Topp Islands of SEA

Job Family

Walmsley Family

Not quite home

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