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About me

My childhood church in Australia launched me (Katherine) on a trajectory to Asia. After what turned out to be a decade of preparation I landed in Southeast Asia married to a Cambodian Bible teacher. 

About the Blog
Around 11:30pm I was walking around in the dark when something weird happened which confused me. When I flipped the light switch I could see why my foot was stinging. 

"So that's what it was- a scorpion!"

 Knowing why I felt strange filled me with relief. 

I get the same feeling of relief from reading and writing about invisible losses of chronic illness; and about what it is like to live between worlds and cultures, with home everywhere and nowhere. Both are summed up here: Frozen sadness

 Hopefully this blog can flip the light switch for others; whether you already know these feelings or are seeking to support someone who might be experiencing something similar.  

Do get in touch if you see something here that needs correcting, or if you are familiar with other resources you have found helpful. Lots of these thoughts are new to me, I'm sharing them with you as I read and write my way through cross cultural chronic life. 

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About us

Seeking to nurture Cambodian Christians.

Kimsoeun grew up in Cambodia and became a Christian as a young adult, the first step was seeing the Jesus film. Katherine grew up in Australia in a Christian family.
We met when we were both studying at Bible college in Australia.

Ministry and family updates go out by email regularly to help our family, friends and supporters know how to partner with us.

shoppingtrolleys  at yahoo dot com au

Update April 2019

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