Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Houses in Cambodia

As you can see from this photo, I'm reading a book called "Cambodia: Report from a stricken land"by Henry Kamm.

I have lived in the same house with the same person for a year now! To celebrate I’ll show you two types of typical houses in Cambodia.

These houses are called “Long Houses” ( bdair le veng). They are like terrace houses in Sydney. Tall, skinny and all joined together. I lived in one last year, not very good for air flow!

They are very common in Phnom Penh and more are being built everyday. I took these photos from the top of a shopping centre.

Another type of common house in Cambodia is a wooden house on stilts. Soeun grew up in a house like this. The floor of his house was made from bamboo slats, so the air could flow through. In hot season he used to put water on the floor at night to make it even cooler.

Underneath the house can be used for an eating area, or a place for animals. Or it can be filled and used as extra rooms. Some people live in area that flood, so often there will be water under their house.


Anonymous said...

I just read the first half dozen pages of Kamm's book[Amazon preview]-sounds like Cambodia needs serious help

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading 'the road of lost innocence' by Somaly Man who began AFESIP [acting for women in distressing situations]

Deborah Crittenden said...

Hello! Surprise! I've been busy writing an ARC (Australian Research Council) grant application, icky icky paperworky yuckiness! But I'm back now!

Anonymous said...

cool info this info could be for my asian project.

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Great to live in a typical houses.